Communication Skills with the 'Witches of Glum'


10th May 2018

Event Name

Communication Skills with the 'Witches of Glum'




MIddlethorpe Hall & Spa


£25 Members / £30 Introductory Members


Michelle Mook, Pro-Development UK Limited

How good are your communication skills? Let the 'Witches of Glum' put you to the test!

This session will challenge us to consider how good our communication and listening skills really are. Michelle Mook from Pro-Development will share insights into why communication goes so badly wrong for us and why we find ourselves so often on a different page from each other. In her usual style, she will bring her sense of fun and using a great fairy-tale, we will explore what gets in the way of communication and some practical tips to help improve communication at every level.

Communication, or lack of, is a common cause to disengagement in employees, and having specialised in employee engagement and development for over 20 years, Michelle is keen to use her experience to improve communication and help make businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber a great place to work.

Refreshments will be served on arrival and the event will conclude with supper and a glass of wine.


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